5 Fun Activities For Autistic Children

This summer especially, following the COVID-19 crisis, parents of autistic children should come up with fresh ideas to keep their children entertained and occupied. This can, however, be a bit challenging. Autistic children have problems with communicating with others which means that it’s not easy to find new activities that suit the taste of autistic children.

It is important to engage autistic children constructively and here are a few ideas to help you do just that:

Singing- singing is a good activity for any child. Some autistic children are unable of having normal verbal communications, but they can still hum and make other sounds. With some training, they may also play musical instruments. These activities should direct children in a more creative way and stimulate their senses. They can mimic noises and make funny noises produced by animals. If autistic children start singing early, this activity may help improve their verbal communication skills.

Create A Visual Schedule- autistic children often have problems keeping a schedule. It will be easier for them to keep things on track with a visual calendar. Studies showed that autistic children are very effective visual learners. A visual schedule with outlined steps is easier to understand. Daily tasks like brushing teeth and taking a shower can be represented by appropriate pictures. Children can use safety scissors and glue to create their own visual schedule.

Go Through Obstacle Course- it is easy to create an obstacle course with any object at home, like a plastic bucket, hula hoops, sticks and ropes. This is a fun activity to enhance their gross motor skills. Obstacle courses can be designed to make children hop, gallop, crawl, jump and run. It’s easy to regularly change the layout of the obstacle course to keep things varied and fun.

Play Video Games- with the right frequency and duration, video games are beneficial for autistic children. They helpto improve their reflexes, problem-solving skills, decision making, focus and hand-eye coordination. Games are available in different levels of complexity and difficulty.

Play Lego And Puzzles- many autistic children have a knack for making objects from Legos or solving jigsaw puzzles. With Legos, their options are endless and a jigsaw puzzle is great for learning to solve problem.

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