7 Important Web Design Trends for 2020

Considering how critical user experience is in the performance of a website, research now indicates web design and how it’s done determines 95 percent of all first impressions of visitors to a website. As such, you can’t mess up web design by ignoring new design trends in your web building needs. Here are a number of critical web design trends big for 2020 to help transform user experience and so much more.

  1. Prominent Elements and Bold Typography

In 2020 and beyond, eye-catching sizable elements will be key in helping visitors immerse themselves in a website right away. Anything from bold typography to full screen videos and images are very important. Prominent elements are very striking on all types of screens and will require reducing overwhelming features to avoid confusing visitors to the website.

It all draws down to the need for simple web design that’s not complicated or overpowering. If you want your business or brand objectives to be visible right away and prominently then oversized lettering can help, including ensuring people never forget the full-screen video and images and large text they viewed and read.

  1. Ever-Popular Dark Design

With the popularity of dark theme allover, it’s almost given dark design features are expected in 2020. The idea is a better UI design offering an option to activate dark themes. With the popularity of dark design in mobile and desktops, dark backgrounds are vital in helping diverse design elements remain prominent and enthralling.

A hot trendy aspect from web design Lancashire is a dark mode which offers an ultra-modern feature that’s easy to look at apart from making design features and color shades appear better. Whether it’s a dystopian futuristic style with dark moody design essentials or other, dark mode in web design seems here to stay.

  1. Split Screen View

Screen splitting offer a unique way to present content while keeping things uncluttered. With the rectangles broken halfway through the middle with each half being able to do specific things, this captivating trend for 2020 could be the real deal.

It can even be harnessed to add some scroll features on one half of the screen or simply ensuring each side moves independently, including adding call-to-action, menu headers to logos at the center where both screens meet.

  1. Background Visuals Rather Than Static Background

If there’s a unique approach expected to be hot in 2020 it has to be a novel approach to the static background. Visuals in motion, including diverse visual formats and elements, will always be a part of user-friendly web design. The use of a background video is right at the top of this trend and offers a unique style that has been catching up really fast with the popularity of video.

Animation is huge today and rather than a mere static approach to the background you work with something that’s magnetic, lively and compelling that a visitor remains around the page for a little while (perhaps to view the whole animation video).

  1. Imperfect Personality Elements

Like many design and graphic elements of 2020, some of the trendiest web design features are essentially imperfect in personality. Whether hand-drawn or reflecting a manually created effect they add action, humanness and emotions (some soul) into a site.

Considering static and impersonal design elements have characterized web design for so long, a soulful approach seems to be huge in 2020. With the world wallowing in negativity, dark times and difficult moments everywhere positive hand-drawn imperfections in web design might just turn out to be a game changer.

  1. Plainness with White Space

Minimalism hasn’t been as trendy as it’s becoming and could hit new levels in 2020. White space is allowing design experts to reach the highly sought-after minimalism as has always been observed in hardcopy magazines for ages. It helps visitors to a site to move with ease right through the pages with no element conflicting with the other.

Offering an easy landing for the eyes, anything on a web page that needs some little understanding will be comprehended in white spaces. The blank areas in white appearing right across the design feature offer a highly balanced appeal, boosts legibility and emphasizes the important design touches on a page such as Call-To-Actions.

  1. Magnetic 3D Touches

With better technology, enhanced creativity and huge demand for immersive design elements 3D technology is expected to continue with its ascending trajectory in 2020. Interactive design and 3D content have always been magnetic, drawing everyone to themselves.

Clearly, the luxurious and pricey nature of 3D in past years and lack of easily-accessible and better technology were impediments, things that seemingly aren’t a reason any more in 2020. As we all wait for Virtual Reality to follow the same trend and enhance interactive web design, 2020 is expected to continue being the year of full-screen, realistic, visually appealing and alluring 3D.

In conclusion, there’re many web design trends we can expect to hit home in 2020. RS Digital Marketing believe the mentioned are expected to transform web design and heavily feature in modern web design today. No matter how you look at it, all these trends have visitors, the persons they’re being designed for, in mind.