Advantages of Baby bath bucket

An ideal bath bucket consists of a non-slip bottom to make the bucket particularly stable. It should not stir from the spot even when wet on the bathroom tiles.

The bath bucket must be lightweight and easy to carry even with child and water (although this is not advisable for obvious reasons).

The bucket should be easily grabbed, and you always have it safely in your hand.

These functions give some advantages over the standard plastic bucket (ตะกร้า พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) making bathing more comfortable and more relaxing for many babies. The baby bucket also provides some benefits in terms of health.


The most significant and most crucial advantage of a baby bath bucket for your baby is that its narrowness and warm water assures him/her that they are safe. Your baby is already familiar with that environment from the womb.

Many children start crying in a baby bathtub because their body does not feel the edges around them. Newborn babies, in particular, lack the spatial constraints during the first time after birth.

Everything is suddenly large and full for the babies, so they enjoy being swaddled and feel particularly comfortable in the sling.

The combination of warm water and narrowness ensures babies they are safe and secure, just like the environment of the womb.


The bath bucket has a safety feature as another significant advantage. Your child gets to sit in the bucket in a fetal position.

Hence, there is a slim chance of the baby slipping. As soon as the baby can keep his/her head upright alone, the baby can even sit in the bucket under supervision without assistance.

Constant Water Temperature

The bath bucket is designed to be upright and compact; this makes the water retain warmth much longer. The low water surface prevents too fast cooling of water and baby.


 The bath bucket is designed to be compact and firm. An ideal baby bath bucket is also rubberized at the bottom, making it non-slip.

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