Applying for Singapore PR under the PTS Scheme

The Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) scheme has traditionally being a popular path for foreign professionals looking to attain Singapore permeant resident (PR) status. In fact, more so than any other PR scheme, the PTS sees the largest number of applicants each year. Based on estimations by immigration authorities, about 95% of all professionals who have successfully applied for PR did so through the PTS scheme.

If you are currently an expatriate working in Singapore, holding on to an employment pass, S pass, PEP or Entrepass, then the scheme is applicable to you. 

Applying for Permeant Residence Under the PTS Scheme

The PTS scheme was created to retain productive workers who had contributed to Singapore’s economic growth. By offering PR status to such workers, it was assumed that they would be encouraged to stay on in the country and to continue actively contributing to the nation. 

Moving into the details of the scheme, three prerequisites exist, namely:

  • You are currently holding on to an employment pass, S pass, PEP or Entrepass
  • That you are currently working in Singapore
  • You have previously worked at least 6 months in Singapore

On paper it is not specifically written that you must have worked 6 months in Singapore prior to application. However, you are required to produce your past 6 months’ pay slips from your time in Singapore. As such, a bare minimum of 6 months working experience working here is required. 

What Affects Your Chances of a Successful Application?

Several factors are taken into consideration when weighing the merits of your PR Singapore application under the PTS scheme. These include:

  • Your educational background
  • Current employment & employment history
  • Duration of your stay in Singapore
  • Societal contributions to Singapore’s community
  • Exiting family ties in Singapore

Educational Background

It should come as no surprise that the amount of prestige that your educational institute or course carries would be factored into the success of your application. If you have graduated from a renown university, then the immigration authorities will likely see you as being able to value add to the economy. 

Current Employment & Employment History

Your employment history serves as a proxy for your trustworthiness and ability to upskill. Furthermore, your current employment is assessed to determine if your continual current employment can be counted on by the authorities.

Duration of Your Stay

The longer your stay in Singapore, the more likely the authorities will determine that you have settled into the local community and will play an active role in contributing to it. 

Existing Family Ties in Singapore

Lastly, having existing family ties in Singapore would greatly increase your chances of having a successfully PR application.

Hiring a PR Application Agency to Help

When you apply PR Singapore, you should consider hiring a PR application specialist to help. The application process can be both tedious and tricky to first timers. As such, a specialist would help you to speed up the process, reduce errors in your application while also helping you portray the desired attributes in it.

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