Are video game an art form or not?

The Advancement in technology has enabled humans to digitize the canvas and create life like models, images, video clips etc. This has sparked a debate whether games are an art form or not. While both of the sides have a large following there isn’t a definite explanation to it as of now. 

To settle this once and for all, the following are some points that will clarify your views upon the topic; Video Games Are Art

  • Animation

To begin with, animation is certainly a digital form of art and it is the base of video games. There is a lot of art that goes into the making of a video game. Animated models are created in order to make a character; they are visualized in all the possible expressions and action sequences while making sure that their face stays the same. Even 3D sculptures are created using animation.

  • The law accepts it

In multiple countries, video games are protected by law against copying and illegal distribution, by treating them as creative works. This automatically makes it a creative art form.

  • Sound tracks

Games have their own sound tracks and this is crucial to the overall game and each game is distinguished on its basis. As music and soundtracks is part of an overall game and they are also a well established art form, this supports the argument that video games can be art.

  • Storyline

Games always have an engaging storyline and some of the best writers are at work in top game makers. As writing is considered as an intellectual art, there is another point that supports the statement. 

From the above points, you can understand that there are many aspects that can be categorized under art. Hence, you can conclude that games are an art form due to the collective involvement of different aspects.