Best programming languages for kids

In recent times, kids have been more intelligent and smart enough to start learning programming right from their childhood. Also, they are very much keen in learning creative and innovative things. That’s why a lot of kids coding languages are emerging and being taught for these enthusiastic children. Python for kids, scratch programming language, JavaScript for kids are few to name them.

  • Scratch programming language for kids

It can be considered as the best programming languages for the kids aged between the age 8-16. Newest version has varied fascinating features like editing sounds, recording etc.  The operation is very simple with drag and drop mechanism with building block interfaces and a line of code can be completed. This makes programming very interesting even for those who don’t have coding experience.

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  • Python for kids

Python is simple and the best language for kids who have just began to learn and construct coding blocks. Many reputed companies use python for their products and platforms. Basic element for computer programming is its structure and logic and python makes it easy to understand this for children.

  • JavaScript

Compared to python and scratch, JavaScript is comparatively harder and requires some level of programming knowledge. But after learning JavaScript, they can learn more basic coding languages. It is the best for creating web applications and helps kids in learning basic programming elements like arrays, variables, loops, objects, methods and parameters.

  • Java

Java is one of the best programming languages for creating games. With good amount of guidance kids can learn the logic and design of creating games. Once they are good enough they can start learning more complex concepts and can enhance the gaming experience.

However, finally it’s up to the kid’s interest and knowledge level how they learn the coding languages and implement them in creating something for good.