Choosing A Van or A Light Truck?

Vans are ideal for transporting a smaller amount of goods. They can also be used extremely versatile for craftsmen such as carpenters, plumbers and so on. Initially, a van is so attractive because they are very similar in terms of driving experience to normal cars, they are agile, but they still offer a lot of space. some van pledge (รับจำนำรถตู้ which is a term in Thai) sites and stops also helps in providing relevant information.

However, those who still need a truck will not doubt it for too long. This will mainly depend on the average distance per trip and the size of the average load. But are you somewhere in a grey area and not sure whether you would bet more on the flexibility of vans or rather opt for the robustness and payload of a truck? Then it does not hurt to list the most important factors.

Driving Licenses Required

With a driving license B, you can drive a car of maximum 3500 kg. This also includes vans and vans. Driving a bus with more than eight seats requires a D driver’s license. Is the truck not intended for passenger transport and is it heavier than 3.5 tons? Then the driver must have a driving license C or C1.

The Load To Be Transported

The product to be transported is, of course of great importance to you and your clients. After all, you are driving to bring something from A to B. Of course; It is not beneficial for the operation of your company if you have a large box truck and rarely uses the entire loading space or the full payload.

When transporting general cargo on pallets, the choice of a particular vehicle with the correct dimensions of the loading space is of great importance. You want to be able to transport as many full pallets as possible, without unused loading space. Indivisible loads can also choose a larger truck.

The Fewer Trucks on The Track, The More Vans

You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that multiple vans are required to transport the same cargo as a large truck. In any case, more and more vans are being used for home deliveries. Apart from the fact that it would be particularly bad for the environment if large trucks drive from door to door, it is simply not possible for practical reasons. That army of vans does not benefit the traffic jams on our roads. The rapid rise of online shopping with the accompanying return of packages is partly responsible for this.

In short, the market is changing. Nowadays, companies often benefit more from smaller vans that are more flexible and reduce the total CO2 emissions. Still, by using several smaller vans, they also contribute more to the congestion of traffic in cities.

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