Collagen Peptides For Hair and Nails

No one wants to walk around with scraggly hair and nails. Men and women who care about their health and appearance know how to avoid this.  Injections and supplements are two of the easiest ways for anyone to ensure they are getting an adequate amount of collagen. The benefits of getting collagen peptides for hair and nails have always been numerous.

Not only does collagen help human hair grow faster, it also heals nails that have become broken or brittle. Since each strand of hair naturally contains collagen, taking it in supplemental form keeps the hair healthy all the time. In fact, the older a person is the more collagen benefits them.  As people age their hair starts to dry out. Since most people don’t want dry hair, they must continue to use collagen. It keeps hair moist and can even help to eliminate split ends. It also has the added benefit of preventing hair from turning gray. It does this by strengthening a person’s hair follicles. The structure of the follicles is what determines a person’s hair color. The higher collagen levels are the fewer gray hairs a person will have. It also makes hair thicker so that any gray hairs aren’t as easy to spot. Collagen supplements can help thicken hair quickly. Consuming 5 to 6g per day is all it takes to make hair fuller and healthier.

When it comes to nails, they naturally deteriorate with age. The deterioration of fingernails can cause peeling, breaking and splitting. The good news is that by taking a collagen supplement every day this can be prevented. Nails will continually grow and remain healthy. A medical trial on the effects of collagen has shown a 12% increase in nail growth with its use. It also showed that collagen supplements cuts down 42% on broken nails. In the trial, participants were given bioactive collagen peptides to ingest. This greatly improved the condition of their nails.

Those who want to experience the benefits of collagen without taking supplements can make adjustments in their diet. Collagen can be found in foods such as nuts, shellfish, egg whites, red meat and various cheeses. Vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, peppers and oranges.

It’s easy to maintain healthy hair and nails when the proper steps are taken. Supplements, injections and select foods can make a difference. In this way, people have the ability to maintain themselves physically.

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