Different types of desks and their uses:

There are many types of desks for different uses. Following are the most basic types of desks:

The most common executive desk:

The executive desk plays a great role in the overview of the office. We can say that it is a kind of showpiece that attracts most of the eyes. The executive desk is also called a welcome desk. The main aim of this desk is to impress outsiders and visitors. This type of desk is designed according to your needs and taste. The design you choose for your executive desk may reflect your company’s’ image. Choose the one which reflects the modern vision. These executive desks are usually double than a normal desk. Their average size is 2.2 to 2.4 meters long.

Uses of machine and typist desk:

There are offices and industries where machinery is set up everywhere. No matter what size of firm you carry, you must have different types of machines for different use starting from small laptops too heavy machinery. The machine desk is used for meeting the carrying needs of these types of machinery. The machine desk comes in different sizes that depend on the types of machines. For example, a printing machine will use the small size of the desk as compared with the cutting machine.

On the other hand we have a typist desk. This type of desk is not as common as any other desk. The reason being the need of the typist desk can fulfill any other normal use desk. But in modern offices, typist desk and Loft working desk[โต๊ะ ทํา งาน , which is the term in Thai] is especially designed for employees and for their computers.

Importance of secretarial desk:

It is quite obvious with the name, secretarial desk, that these types of desks are used for secretaries of directors and owners. It is a kind of small desk the same as any other desk but is specifically used by only one person. Secretarial desks have separate space for typing propose.

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