Different types of germicidal lamps:

Germicidal lamps are best known for killing germs and to protect people from diseases. These lamps emit UV-C rays. UV-C is a natural electromagnetic ray that is emitted from the Sun. UV-C ray is the only UV ray that has the least harmful effects. Otherwise, these rays are safe and beneficial in many ways. There are different types of UVC lamps and these are listed below:

  • Low-pressure germicidal lamps are most commonly used and these do not contain phosphor. The tube of this type is made of fused quartz. A heating filament is used and these also produced visible light when working.
  • High-pressure lamps are not commonly used. These are used in big industries for wastewater treatment and as an Air Purifier [เครื่องฟอกอากาศ, which is the term in Thai]. The UV-C rays produced by these lamps have great intensity.
  • Germicidal LED’s are new in the market. These are made by the use of semiconductor material.

There are various uses of germicidal lamps:

Germicidal lamps can be used at any place where there is a requirement of killing germs. The major use of these lamps is in the hospitals that is the house for different viral and bacterial infections. Different patients visit hospitals daily and these people are germ carriers. The germs move from one person to the other mostly by the air. Thus, germicidal lamps are being used to purify the air. These lamps are also being used to make water free from microorganisms. This has reduced the risk of diseases such as hepatitis, cholera, and jaundice. The risk of deadly diseases can be decreased by the use of germicidal lamps. 

Improve air quality by the use of UVC lamps:

There is a modern way of utilizing the germicidal lamps. You can improve Indoor Air Quality by the use of germicidal lamps. Germicidal lamps emit UV-C rays. Thus, these rays kill the microorganisms in the air. This reduces the chance of viral and bacterial infections. These germicidal lamps are very cheap and easy to maintain. This is the reason for their high current usage.

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