Education As A Path To Full Development In Children

The importance of education in childhood is critical for the development of people because it is at this time of life where the foundations for the person’s future development are laid.

When we speak of education, we are not referring only to the acquisition of academic knowledge. The term education also includes the non-cognitive part, which refers to the child’s formation in values. All the information that we collect in the first years of life helps us function in the world and develop fully as people. That is why childhood education is so important.

Education is not about offering ready-made things or giving the right answers. It is about showing them how so that they are the protagonists of their own decisions and their own mistakes with what they have learned. Thus, they will build and develop their personality and their physical and intellectual capacities. This contributes to personal growth and favors social and professional integration.

In the great adventure of education, educators’ role is vital and only surpasses that of their family environment like in school brochure design (desain brosur sekolah, which is the term in Indonesia). It is essential that children feel protected and valued. The educational process, both curricular and emotional, is effective and becomes a true development engine to build more just and equitable societies.

Education is essential for the development of children. It will determine what the adults of tomorrow will be like.

4 Values ​​That Demonstrate the Importance of Education

Some values show us how important education is during childhood and that their absence will have a severe impact on future development:

Confidence: trusting ourselves gives us the necessary strength to face daily adversities and problems, thus achieving personal success.

Security: when you have the right tools to face different situations, you feel safer because you have enough confidence to overcome any challenge.

Decision-Making Capacity: knowledge of our environment and self-confidence provides us with the necessary resources to have decision-making capacity.

Happiness: confidence in oneself and one’s abilities is key to not giving up and achieving the goal. Achieving the objectives that we have set ourselves allows us to develop as people while providing us with great well-being and happiness.

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