Everything you must know about the US Immigration Visa!

Missed the Global Immigration Summit in 2019? Well, even if you have missed it, this webcast has come up with latest update on the US Immigration Visa requirements. So if you are thinking of moving to US permanently, we can help you certainly. 

The American immigration system was established in accordance with the current immigration laws. It is regulated and controlled in detail and is designed to meet the national interests of the US. It is the current immigration legislation that allows for the support and protection of the rights of refugees from all across the globe. The existing immigration system is developed with respect to the constitutional principles of the United States of America. And as a result, immigrants enjoy full civil rights and freedom on the same level with US citizens. However, it comes with the exception of right to elect and be elected, to hold some specific positions in the state apparatus, and also restricted in the right to apply for immigrant visas for their relatives. Why not attend the Global Immigration Summit in 2020? The Global Immigration Summit brings together real estate developers and immigration companies and immigration attorneys from different counties to showcase the investor immigration programs. 

Legal PR is a person who is not a US citizen, but who has an immigration visa or who is the process of changing status and obtaining the citizenship. The status of the legal PR is confirmed by the GC, which is actually a permanent residence permit and work in the USA. On the other hand, non-immigrants are citizens of other countries who are allowed to enter the US for a limited period of time on the basis of a temporary visa. The non-immigrants include students, tourists, businessmen, senior executives and diplomats. But people living in the US on temporary visas have limited options when compared to citizens and lawful PR of the US. So let’s have a look!

How to enter the US as an Immigrant?

  • Immigration for Family reunification 

Citizens and PRs of the US enjoy the right to apply to the USCIS for deportation to their relatives of immigrant visas. Citizens of the US have the right to apply for the advantage of their parents, children, spouses, as well as siblings. However, legal PRs have the right to apply for an immigrant visa to their spouses and minor children who aren’t married. 

  • Working Immigration 

An American employer who wishes to hire a foreign worker with special qualifications might apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Service for an immigrant work visa that allows him/her the right to permanent residence and work in the US. However, the employer needs approval from the US Federal Employment Service for hiring a foreign employee.

  • Refugees 

A person who is persecuted at homeland because of membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, membership in social or political organizations, can apply to the US immigration authorities for asylum in the US. 

In majority of cases, a foreigner has the right to apply with a petition to gain recognition as a refugee within a year of his arrival in the US. And after one year, the refugee may apply to the Citizenship and Immigration services with a request for changing the status to a legal PR of the US, which enables him/her to work in the US. 

Immigration for Working in the US

The current immigration law of the US allows 140000 immigration work visas every year and the following five categories of such visas are:

  • In the first category, visas are provided to persons who have priority in employment and include people like outstanding scientists, researchers, or managers of international corporations. The number of visas issued in this category cannot exceed 40000 per year. 
  • Visas of second category are provided to persons who have academic degrees in their specialty and the number of visas cannot exceed 40 thousand per year.
  • The third category is provided to experienced workers, professionals and other categories of workers. The number of visas issued in this category cannot exceed 40 thousand per year.
  • Visas in the fourth category are given to priests and workers of religious organizations and persons who have served the US Government. The number of visas in the fourth category cannot exceed 10000 per year.
  • Now this category of visa is provided to people who are able to invest 500 thousand to 3 million dollars in establishing an enterprise in the US, which will create employment. The amount of investment depends on the region in which the investment is carried out and the number of visas of this category cannot exceed 10 thousand per year. 

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