Fridge van maintenance tips to ensure a better price when selling it off

Fridge vans are used for transporting goods such as the floral, edible ad medical goods that are perishable. The kit offers the utmost reliability. And when maintained at its best condition will offer the highest quality with the necessary level of refrigeration.

A regular and periodic check of the refrigerator van helps to deliver the best service cost-efficiently. Let us check some of the major maintenance tips and tricks that are followed by the individual or company to ensure the quality of service is not affected by the vehicle the goods are carried and get the best price when you plan to sell it off – 

Checking the insulation and cooling systems regularly

One of the vital features of the fridge van is the insulated envelope and the cooling system. It ensures the goods are stored at the right temperature while on the go. The cooling system in these vans is the mechanical vapour compression system that is powered by the engine of the van. Ensure to conduct the regular inspection of the systems for better performance. Check the compressor unit and the insulation for preserving the ability to maintain the right temperature of the goods during transportation.

Inspection of the bodywork 

Do a quick yet thorough inspection of the bodywork of the fridge van for any damage or corrosion that could negatively affect the performance of the cooling system. It may result in a negative impact on the preservation of chilled goods. Check for any holes, damage and corrosion and use the appropriate sealant to fix it.

Safe handling of the good 

The risk of damaging the vehicle is more while handling the commercial, bulky goods. Most of the maintenance issues happen due to damage that is caused by reckless the loading and unloading of the goods to and from the fridge van. Scratches to the internal container can be caused that affect the chilling of the vehicle. Ensure to keep the air distribution and a safe while handling cargo.

Check the temperature optimisation

Maintaining the optimum temperature within the refrigerator van is the key to performance. Ensure to take time to place a temperature probe within the vehicle. Set the desired temperature for your goods and record the accuracy of the temperature with each set of goods. This helps in identifying the discrepancy when it occurs.

Book for servicing regularly

It is advised to book for the regular servicing of the vehicle by the mechanic. Regular check-ups will help the vehicle to be in sound condition.  By spotting the minor problems and getting it fixed on time is the best tip to avoid the major works on the vehicle on the later stage.

Do a pre-trip check

Take out time to go over the vehicle once thoroughly before every trip to assure that it is in perfect running condition. It helps in avoiding the problem that could incur during the delivery of the product.

Regular fridge maintenance is the right investment, that saves your time and money at unnecessary issues that can be avoided and when you put the fridge vans for sale, you are sure to get the best price ever.