Get The Different Variants of Oval Moissanite Rings With Slight Deviations in Cutting 

If you are crazy about the oval cuts of the diamond, then you must also like the oval moissanite. But unless you see for yourself, you might not believe that it outshines the brilliance of the diamonds. It is similar to the round cut of the same gem. The design and look are very alluring. That is why customers prefer to buy the oval cut more than the traditional round ones. After all, who doesn’t like to add a twist to the conventional designs? The refinement of the oval cut starter to happen during the 1960s. A Russian jeweler brought about perfection in the elliptical cutting of the moissanite. 

More about the shape

The stone of the Oval Moissanite Rings looks oval from the top but appears conical from the sides. There are 58 facets on the stone. The look is typically modern, but at the same time, it has the touch of classy old-school fashion. The cutting of the stone ensures that the reflection of light from the cut ends always makes the stone appear bigger than it is actually. It can be the ideal centerpiece for your engagement ring if you want a landscape or portrait mounting. 

Bowtie effect is unique

It is unbelievable how the cutting of the stone can change the entire look of the gem. If the oval moissanite is more circular in shape instead of the oblong style, you can notice a bowtie effect. The light typically bounces at the center of the stone and creates the shadowy effect. If the oval stone is longer and looks less circular, then the corresponding facets also look longer than the standard size. It is all about how the craftsman is planning to play with your visual senses. The effects can be beautiful in changing the cutting style a little. 

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