How a Weak wifi signal Occur

A wifi signal is nothing more than communication between transmitter and receiver via radio waves. I often compare this with two people who have a conversation with each other. When two people talk to each other while standing next to each other, they can understand each other well. When one person goes up one floor, it becomes a lot more difficult. They have to speak louder or even scream to understand each other. The further apart you are, the more difficult it is to communicate with each other.

This works the same way with wifi. For example, if you have a wireless modem that needs to communicate with your smartphone, it often works fine if both devices are in the same room. If you go up one floor, walls and ceilings make the devices “understand” each other less well.

So, communication between both devices becomes more difficult, and this ensures a slower or less connection. The longer the distance and the more obstacles, the harder it gets.

An additional drawback with wifi is that there are often several wireless networks active nearby. You can compare this to a group of people standing next to each other and all talking together. It can become so difficult to understand each other.

Transmit power of wifi equipment

In the Netherlands, you may transmit a maximum power of 100mw on the 2.4 GHz frequency. On the 5 GHz frequency, this is 1000mw. Most equipment that is standard delivered by providers works on a lower transmission power of about 50mw.

The reason for this often lies in the fact that the equipment is designed for the American market where houses are made of less sturdy material than in our country. In the Netherlands, the walls are often made of concrete or stone that radio waves are less able to penetrate than with a plaster wall or wooden walls and ceilings.

A second reason is that the equipment also has to be sold in other countries where the legally permitted maximum transmission power is much lower than in our country. The manufacturer then chooses to set a lower transmit power or use cheaper chips to lower the price. Still, there are Arduino Uno wifi for sale (Arduino Uno wifiขาย Which is also a term in Thai) , which are built with highly good equipment to offer the best of services.

Higher transmit power is not always better

If you use a higher transmit power, this does not always mean a better range. In addition to transmission power, reception sensitivity is also very important. I often compare this to a megaphone.

You can shout through a megaphone and reach people at a greater distance. However, these people cannot talk back without also having a megaphone.