How to leverage Facebook for online growth

Marketing has completely transformed in the last decade. The era of television and radio ads has turned into the era of search engine and social media advertisement. Most of the people in the world are using social media and search engines for their daily needs and entertainment. People are using online stores to buy everyday items. They can even order food online. For any query, they are using search engines like Google. Every person has a huge impact of internet on one’s life.

Which is the biggest social media platform?

At this moment Facebook is the largest social media platform. If you want to grow your business, this is the place where you must post your ads. However, you must be really good with ads if you want to attract people’s attention here. People watch a lot of ads every day on Facebook, so your ad must be unique to stand out from all of them.

How to make great ads for Facebook

There are many elements that make an ad great. For instance, your ad must be optimized in a way so it will appeal to your target audience. Market research is mandatory before you even think about creating an advertisement. You can study your competitors’ ads and their performance. It is a pretty hectic work to do all these things by oneself, though. That’s why it is highly advisable to use the services of a social media marketing agency, instead of trying to do all the work yourself.

How to leverage Facebook ads

Do not use the ads to redirect people directly to your sales page, instead build a funnel. Redirect the people to a landing page and collect their email addresses. Send them emails with discounts and other benefits so they would happily purchase something from you. This way, you can build a community that will be loyal and will convert into returning customers.