How To Make Your Watch Last Longer

Putting on the Rolex counterfeits (นาฬิกา rolex ก๊อป ,which is the term in Thai)  every day is as natural as looking at the wrist to determine the current time. No wonder that the stylistic suitability of the wristwatch is often not questioned. According to etiquette, there are not so many rules to be considered, so that the must-have accessory comes into its own for every gentleman.

Understatement Instead Of Proll-klunker

The watch compliments the overall appearance or sets an accent, but does not force unwanted looks on anyone with thickly applied designs in a new-rich look. Likewise, a watch connoisseur does not wear a wristwatch to impress the environment with a brand logo prominently placed at 12 o’clock. Instead, he appreciates the extraordinary quality and history of a manufacturer and designs that convey style and understatement.

Take Wrist Circumference Into Account

The size of a case should be based on the wearer’s wrist circumference. Despite a trend towards larger wristwatches that have been going on for many years, it is advisable not to exceed the 40-millimeter mark too clearly in the case of a wrist circumference of less than 18 cm. After all, who wants a frying pan-like timepiece on his wrist?

Sporty Watches Best For Casual Fashion

As with any other item of clothing or fashion accessory, the choice of the watch depends on the occasion. Sportier watches, such as chronographs or diving watches, should primarily be worn from casual fashion to business casual outfits.

Dress Watches For Formal Occasions

Dress watches are best suited for elegant events and usually measure no more than 40 mm. In addition to comparatively delicate case dimensions, “Dresser” is also significantly more restrained in their design than sporty watches, to gently underline the appearance of the wearer, but not to completely redefine it.

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