Importance of SEO in the businesses

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that is done in order to improve the search rankings of your website. This allows for quantitative as well as qualitative traffic for your website. Some of the best SEO company will make you understand how SEO can help your business to grow.

Search engine optimization for businesses is tricky but very important task. SEO acts as an unpaid advertisement for your website.

There are 4 basic pillars of SEO that are:-

    • Technical SEO- Its main focus is to ensure that your content and website is readable to the search engine.
    • Content- Content is the main thing that a website has, make sure you use proper keywords and make an attractive content.
    • ON-site SEO- This involves the optimization of HTML and content of your website.
  • OFF-site SEO- Building goodwill and authority to get into the good books of Google. 

In this article you will be primarily told about the Technical SEO which is the Primary and one of the most important parts of SEO as it involves a lot of technical aspects like testing and improving. So, on papers it is a very daunting task but the major focus of all this is to basically ensure the readability and accessibility of your content for the search engines. The better a search engine can read your content the higher you will be ranked. 

Websites have a variety of Content Management tools that can scan your website for technical problems and report them to you. If you own a website then it is mandatory to have one of these tools as it will help you a lot in long run. They key areas of focus here are as follows:-

  • Crawl- This function ensures if your website’s content is readable to search engines or not.
  • Index- it ensures that right pages are being indexed and sent to search engines.
  • Mobile- this ensures if your websites supports mobile devices or not.
  • Speed- Speed of loading of your website and general scrolling through the pages should be fast.
  • Hierarchy- this identifies how the content is structured on your site.

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