Maintenance tips for your tractors 

Agriculture is said to be the backbone of fooding industry and tractors play a very important role in agricultural mechanism. In order to keep the tractor in working condition at a low expense, proper maintenance of tractors is very necessary. You can easily get the required information online. All you need to do is logon to and get all the services easily. Mentioned below are some maintenance tips for your tractors:

Oil and water level 

In order to maintain the tractor’s efficiency, you must check the oil and water level on daily basis. If any of them is below the recommended mark then you must refill it immediately. Doing so can extend the efficiency of tractor and keep the costs away.  Also, remember to keep a check on the leakages. If you find any, get it repaired soon. 

Filtration system

The filtration system could be affected by the dirt and dust that contaminates it completely. This might also cause failure of components. The filters present in the tractors are to protect the systems from contaminants.  It is suggested that air filters and fuel filter must be checked frequently so that any type of damage could be avoided. 


Lubrication is another crucial factor to keep a good maintenance of your tractor. Proper working of the tractor needs proper lubrications. Do not forget to check the oil level on a daily basis and also use high quality lubricants. Also inspect all the parts of tractor and grease wherever necessary.


Although tractors have automatic brakes but you will have to keep a check on the lubrication of brakes. If they are not in proper place or not working properly then it is advised to replace it as soon as possible. Brakes are a very crucial part of any vehicle and carelessness here can lead you to pay a lot.