Moon Lamps to Experience the Best From The Lunar Effects

How good is it to have a mini galaxy in your room? With lights and lamps designed as the outer space? It would be pretty cool to have moon lamps in your room as a microcosm of the heavenly body hanging out there in our universe. But where to find great moon lamps? Well look no further for Lunar Effects have brought you one of the best moon lamps in the market. We not just provide you with high quality moon lamps that you can enjoy time after time but we will provide you with something that you will come to adore.

Product description

These moon lamps have the following specifications:

  • Size

Lunar Effects offer moons in four different sizes

  1. 8cm
  2. 12cm
  3. 15cm
  4. 20cm


  • Color setting

Each of these gorgeous lamps come with three different color settings that you can choose from. These are:

  1. cool white
  2. warm white
  3. warm yellow


  • Types

Some of our moons are constructed on the original Galilean moons. These are the moons of Jupiter – Europa, IO, Callisto and Ganymede. They are made in such a way that the give realistic look.

  • Material

It is made up of eco-friendly Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material.

  • Charging time

It charges pretty quickly and takes up about 3 hours approximately to charge and it stays charged for 4-6 hours. Pretty great right?

  • ON/OFF mechanism

A touch sensor is located just below the lamp. The absence of a button makes it smooth and immaculately keeps it looking beautiful.

  • Charging mechanism

USB port is located at the bottom of the lamp used for charging (DC5V/1A).

  • Battery limit

It has a 300mAh / 3.7V (lithium battery).

Why our product?

In additional to being exceptionally beautiful and highly efficient, these moon lamps are best for gifting to your loved ones. They offer you new things in a completely non traditional way. Each moon lamp brings you a laser engraved wooden stand. This stand has lunar effects written on one side while the other side mentions the name of the Galilean moon. If you do want to gift it to any one be it your parents, friends, teachers or other family members it is evident that beauty of these lamps are unmistakably un matched to any other moon lamp.

Don’t think about what time of the year it is or what holiday is coming, these moon lamps remain the perfect gift all year long. You can not bring the real moon to your beloved but you sure can give moon lamp to your special one and it would still be a romantic gift. Possessing a piece of the real moon is sure to be hard, if not all together impossible, but our replica moon lamps with their over the top realistic look come as close as possible with our 3D print technology constructed using real NASA imagery! Just send these to you loved ones and let them know their worth in your life.

Customized messages

Making a loved one feel special is a feeling like none other so for this purpose we offer a FREE personalized message, a note to be delivered with each moon lamp.

However it should be kept in mind that this is not engraved on the lamp itself as currently the Lunar Effects do not offer this service. Instead it is a paper note.

We offer three different types, according to the occasion, so you can choose from the following:

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. I love you
  3. Happy Anniversary

Simply let us know which message type and your messages along with the names to include at the checkout section and we’ll ensure that you have a great experience.

Even if you need any other customized message you can let us know upon your purchase and we will create one for you ensuring the height of our efficiency.

Lunar effects is best and here is why

Lunar effects should be your priority company to buy moon lamps due to the following reasons:

  1. Free delivery
  2. Australian owned
  3. Hassle free return an exchange
  4. Safe and secure

All of this along with a three month warranty. It’s a dream come true that in a lower price you are able to find such a great product.

As much as can be said about these beautiful moon famous would still be less. So in order to know all the awesome things about them experience the best from the Lunar Effects. Order now at

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