Questions to Ask Your Plumber

When searching for a new plumber Ventura residents should have these questions in mind to find the right one for the job.

Are you licensed? This should be the first question asked. Being licensed shows that that plumber is professional and can complete any tasks you have. Without a license, your plumbing job could be done without adhering to building codes. Unlicensed plumbers may also not be able to pull permits that are required for certain jobs, making you susceptible to fines.

Are you insured? Having insurance is another important component. Insurance helps provide stability needed if mistakes and accidents occur. While this can rarely happen, it can cause a lot of problems if there isn’t adequate insurance.

What are your references? A good plumber should have plenty of experience. When searching for a plumber Ventura residents should ask for references and be sure to check them out before getting a bid or signing a contract. Credentials can also be important and show a commitment to the trade.

Are contractors also licensed? Even if the plumber you are speaking with is licensed and insured, you need to make sure the people that are performing the work in your home are also licensed. Ask if they will be doing the work themselves or if their subcontractors have the same experience and licenses.

What is the usual response time? Response times can be important in an emergency. Without a quick fix, a plumbing leak can destroy a home and the cost will go up. A plumber who is on call 24 hours and one that shows up when they can mean the difference between a disaster and a small fix.

What do you charge for travel time? Many plumbers will charge for travel to and from the job. This can be expensive if the plumber is far away from the job. Hiring a local plumber is in the best interest for cheaper travel costs and they will have more knowledge about local codes.

Do you offer emergency service? There are two different types of plumbers. Some offer emergency service and some don’t. Those who do offer emergency work often only do emergency work. Finding a local plumber is in your best interest before an emergency occurs.

What do you charge for parts? Many plumbers will have parts stocked to fix the plumbing as soon as they arrive. However, some specialty parts may require a trip to the supply store or need to be ordered. It’s important to know what the plumber will charge and what costs are associated with getting parts that your plumber doesn’t have on hand.

What are your specialties? You want to get the best plumber for your specific plumbing tasks. A plumber who is good at repair work may not be the best if you have a remodeling job.

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