Scuba diving is one of the most vast hobbies in the world and it is not an exaggeration to say that it has become a culture amongst the general public. For a desert country like the UAE, it is even more amazing to realise that scuba diving is available at top quality.

Scuba diving deals offers the best rates offering a range of quality and affordable services and deals even for the lots that have not yet acquired the skills and certification of diving.

There is an available of trained professional instructions to guide you in each and ebery step of this adventure to ensure your safety. They will be open to offering basic but sound guides of how to use the provided equipments for swimming in the ocean depths.

Also, the offers here are very affordable for you budget with convenient deals for you and your loved ones as well, but with an age limit of 12 years at minimum.


First Dive : 10:00am in the morning

Second Dive : 1:00pm

Third Dive : 3:00pm


Visit website to find an array of mouthwatering deals for your scuba diving pleasure is at your beck and call with other special offers and services to make your visit a memorable one.

The initial package starts from as low as AED 209 which is required to be payed at least 24 hours in advance. Diving gears and equipmentd will also be available in all sizes for a much lower charge of AED 86 and another AED 30 for a diving suit.

  • In the case of unforseen circumstances for a cancellation of orders, do not worry because the option is available for you. But this can only be done before the 48 hour time frams to avoid further impending charges.
  • Make sure you are free of any medical issues before trying Scuba diving with Desert Safari Tourism.
  • Unlike the online payment, there will be no cash refund before taking a dive at pick up points and the fee is been payed per person.
  • To avoid unforeseen danger and to assure your safety, a limit had been set for the distance in ocean depth when diving. The touring company has set a maximum of 300 metres and it is also recommended to take a flight after 18 hours after extreme long diving sessions.


The tour is billed at AED 204 per person with a 150 minute diving session for starters with extra costs of AED 325 with the use of equipments and just AED 209 without equipments.


Desert Safari tourism stretches it’s guest treatment to its booking methods. It is fast, easy and reliable. Also offering special options nd services to kickstart your holidays. From flexible booking methods, cancellation and refund option, low  to instant confirmation, ensure that your reservations in safe, easy and responsive.

Kindly contact the customer service numbers for more enquiries. +971523868741 or +971556569235