Sex Reassignment surgery

SRS or Sex Reassignment surgery is a gender reform surgery that is why it is also known as gender reassignment surgery. It has a lot of different names too. In this surgery, transgender persons are provided a specific gender either male or female. In this surgery, both the physical as well as gender traits are altered so that the person matches specific gender traits and characteristics. The individual who undergoes this surgery may need to follow some lifelong courses such as hormone replacement therapy.

Sex reassignment surgeries are of two types. One is “Feminization surgery”, in this the transgender is gendered as female. The other type is “Masculinization surgery”, in this the transgender is gendered as male.

Sex Reassignment surgery cost

Sex reassignment surgery is a bit expensive. Its charges in the United States are high whereas srs surgery Thailand costs about a third or a half amount as compared to that of the United States. Remaining the cost of surgery varies from type to type. That is its charges are different depending upon the type of surgery.

Due to the years of knowledge and high care conditions, srs surgery Thailand is considered a lot. Here the costs are low and the patients are served with great care. The knowledge for this in Thailand is very high and the doctors are expert and well experienced.

 Required prerequisites for considering the case

This is a life-changing surgery so the decision for it should be very specific and should not be considered as a light thing. It requires a lot of time and patience from the patient. So there are specific things that are required for this. Following are some prerequisites required from the surgeon all over the world for the consideration of a specific case,

  • Age must be at least 20 years. For the individual 18 to 20 years old there must be legal permission form their parents.
  • Real-life experience of that specific gender for at least 12 months.
  • Physical fitness
  • Hormonal therapy for at most 12 months