Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy signs and symptoms may vary in women; however, the most common first sign in women is missed or delayed period. It is essential to run a confirmatory test because each of these symptoms may be as a result of other health conditions. Below are some of the common pregnancy symptoms (อาการคนท้อง, which is the term in Thai]:

Sensitive Nipples

Numerous ladies report encountering sensitive nipples because of the increase in the hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. In early pregnancy, your breasts will start to acquire fat, and milk ducts add up in size, which can also cause sensitivity. Your nipples will also end up darker.


This is a confusing one, as it can mean as well that your period is imminent; however, a few ladies experience light cramping in the first weeks or even months into pregnancy. This can be. As a result of various things, for example, implantation, the uterus growing, or a corpus luteum blister which discharges progesterone until the placenta takes over at around 12 weeks.


Several ladies think that they are pregnant in the wake of sleeping off sitting up at 3 pm. If you are often stressed out you can dismiss this; however, if you’re generally well rested yet still end up fighting to stay awake before nights, this might be an early sign that you’re pregnant.


Some women experience nausea in the early stages of pregnancy, either as inconspicuous weakness and unease in the stomach or the more extreme cases, real vomiting. This regularly occurs at the beginning of the day on an empty stomach, so you experience pregnancy nausea, have a go at eating light foods to help settle the belly.

Evening Restroom Visits

When you’re in the last stages of pregnancy, your unborn infant will likely put weight on your bladder, making you experience a frequent urge to pee. However, this sign can as well happen during the early stages. From conception, your body will start to expand to accommodate the fetus,  this, alongside the pregnancy hormones making more blood flow, can frequently result in those 2 am wake-ups to discharge the bladder.

Change in Taste

A few ladies report their tastes altering during pregnancy early stages. Some women report they have a metallic taste in their mouths, while others experience an adjustment in tastes or even frequent spitting. Some even experience draining gums when brushing their teeth, which also identifies with changes in the mouth.

So if you notice you suddenly dislike your regular late-night chocolate gorge, or never again value the smell of a fresh coffee toward the beginning of the day, then maybe you need a pregnancy test.