Support children’s learning and development efficiency with best method

The widespread demand for high quality Early childhood development (การพัฒนาเด็กปฐมวัย ,which is the term in thai ) program has encouraged many reputable preprimary schools and kindergartens to offer effective individualized instruction for each child. Early childhood development assessment is crucial process to identify the specific learning needs of the children. The proper data and record related to child’s development in all major areas such as cognitive, physical/motor, language/communication and social-emotional will help the teacher to know the child better.  Effective and right education in the childhood will help to shape the future of children and they can develop lifelong love for learning.

Importance of oobservation

The success of the early childhood program largely depends on the efficiency of observing and assessing the Student report cards(สมุดรายงานประจำตัว, which is the term in thai)  of the child. It is the responsibility of the early childhood education teacher to observe the minute details of the activity, interest, struggle and progress of the child. Gathering the information in a systemic way will help teachers to understand the child’s strength and challenges and they can plan appropriate curriculum for each child. With invaluable information about the child’s growth and development teacher can approach to the parents for more support and cooperation.

 Effective assessment cycle

Although the process of assessment tool might vary from program to program but the objective and the assessment cycle is the same. Documenting a child’s performance and progress can make a huge difference in understanding the scope of each child. The assessment cycle is as follows

  • Instruct
  • Observe
  • Documentation
  • Analyze, Evaluate
  • Summarize, Plan and Communicate
  • Instruct again

Get the best help

Apparently an early childhood education focuses on the various aspects of life such as Socialization, Cooperation, Holistic Development, Value of Education, Respect, Teamwork, Resilience, etc. So rely on high quality early Childhood Development Assessment Documents to record the data of each child and identify specific learning needs quickly and act accordingly for the child’s betterment.

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