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Many cultures across the globe have studied and handed down the art of lovemaking for years. Many of our favorite current sex positions originated in India’s Kamasutra and tantric rituals. You’ve come to the right place whether you’re looking to expand your skillset or just change things up a little. This article discusses tantric sex positions to try with your lover.

For many individuals, the term tantra conjures up images of exotic and exquisite pleasure. Have you ever considered what comes to mind when you hear the term “tantric”? Is it a sport reserved for the fit and young? Tantric practice and tantric sex are available to you, so do not be concerned. To assist you in becoming familiar with tantric sex positions, we’ve split them down into four simple-to-understand categories.

Different Positions To Try

  • Doing It By Yourself

To enhance and prolong your sexual life with tantric postures and practices, both of you must engage in tantric self-exploration. It is critical for the health of your relationship that both of you have the flexibility to get acquainted with one another’s bodies independently. Masturbation is commonly overlooked in tantric London practice. When it comes to tantric life and lovemaking, many practitioners do not see self-love as a necessary component. Our bodies and brains need time to relax and recharge in order for us to discover what pleasure means to us individually. Then we can express it clearly to our partners. Allow yourself to employ tantric techniques to meet your personal needs despite the fact that tantric education is centered on the bond between lovers.

  • Queen Bee

Due to the expansive nature of tantric sex, not all tantric positions are penetrative. When you are in this position, you may extract more pleasure and stimulation from it. The person being penetrated is on top with the lingham/phallus/penis down.

  • Yab Yum

Although this posture is generally associated with men and women, it may be very gratifying and sensual regardless of the gender or genitals involved. While having a bulging phallus is totally okay for one person, having no protruding phallus is not acceptable for another. It makes little difference if this is done in bed, on the sofa, or in the shower, as long as both you and your spouse are comfortable.

  • Spooning

Spooning is a perfect storm when it comes to sexual and sensual energy centers. By aligning your body’s chakras longitudinally and linking them like spoons, you may generate a powerful circuit of sexual energy. By using the tantric London approach, we may bridge the divide between our current minds and primordial bodies. To comprehend sex’s power, one must first calm down and focus. Nothing is more critical to human connection than sex. Maintain a slow start and resist the urge to instantly engage in penetrative sex. While this posture enables deep penetration, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to explore each other’s bodies.

Try And Get Satisfied

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