Teetotalers Like Variety Too  

You’ve just settled into your Washington DC apartment, and you’re ready to host your first party. You were fortunate enough to learn about some Dupont circle apartments for rent, so you have a convenient location with excellent views. You’ve stocked up on beer, wine, liquor and mixers, and you’re ready for just about anything. You remember, however, that several of your guests prefer not to drink alcohol. If you offer them a soda or even a glass of water, they’ll assure you that’s just fine, but why not go a step further? Have choices on hand that will surprise and delight.

  • Flavored tea. Specialty stores offer dozens of varieties of black, green and herbal. Take a break on your next shopping trip and sample a few. Have a kettle on the ready or invest in an iced tea maker and serve it cold. Or mix tea and lemonade for the ever-popular Arnold Palmer.
  • Fruit juice and soda water. Straight juice is too sweet and caloric for many people, but it’s light and refreshing when mixed with charge. Try fifty-fifty for orange juice, and weaker concentration for more potent varieties such as tart cherry, pomegranate and açai.
  • This cocktail of bacteria and yeast isn’t to everyone’s taste, but a surprising number of folks are becoming fans. Making your own is a time-consuming affair, but you can find a bottled version in stores. Also, there are kobumcha bars that, like craft breweries, offer growlers.
  • There are dozens of recipes, and they can be served in a pitcher or a classic punchbowl with an ice ring. As always, the sherbet topping is optional.
  • It doesn’t have to contain wine. Try a mixture of black tea and fruit juice topped off with charge water. Be as creative with the added fruits as you would with a standard sangria.
  • Go beyond the virgin Mary and the tequila-less sunrise and search out some varieties than are more than booze-free cocktails. For example, muddle basil and sugar with lemonade and top it with soda water.

You don’t need to wait for a party. For a change of your daily pace, try a few of these for yourself or with a few friends. The next time you entertain, your biggest problem may be getting the drinkers to stick to the hard stuff.

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