The 5 Gastric Bypass Facts You Need to Know  

Gastric bypass is quickly growing as one of the country’s most common surgeries. It is a slightly complicated, inpatient procedure. When you’re looking for gastric bypass houston tx you’ll want to know these top 5 facts before setting your appointment.

What is Gastric Bypass?

People looking for gastric bypass houston tx should know this before they start calling their doctor. Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure meant to limit the food or nutrient intake of the patient. This is accomplished by surgically altering the digestive system so that a section of the stomach is “bypassed.” This means that less nutrients will be absorbed and that less food will be able to be eaten in general. The conventional way to think about this procedure is that it “shrinks” the size of the patient’s stomach.

Who is Gastric Bypass for?

Gastric bypass is only for people who are diagnosed with severe obesity or people who have severe obesity linked health issues. These can include type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe sleep apnea. For patients with less critical conditions, there are other options to explore before a gastric bypass is needed.

How to Prep for Gastric Bypass

To prepare for gastric bypass houston tx patients will need to undergo medical testing and lab work as their healthcare team requires. This procedure will also likely come with restrictions on your diet and the types of medicine you can take both before, during, after. Patients are often required to limit their food intake leading up to the surgery in order to reduce the risk of complications during the procedure.

The Recovery Process

After having Gastric Bypass surgery, patients will need to know the following during recovery. The largest park of the recovery process is your diet. Keep in mind that this surgery physically alters the digestive system. You will likely be required fo fast for one or two days after surgery. Beyond that, you will have a diet that starts with liquids only, moves on to soft foods, then back to regular foods. You will also likely have permanent restrictions on your diet for a long as the bypass is in place. You will also have regular lab tests and appointments with your medical team in order to make sure that your Gastric Bypass is going well and complications haven’t occurred.

The Long-term Outlook

Gastric Bypass is designed to be a temporary solution to a patient’s medical weight problems. Keeping the weight off requires commitment to lifestyle changes beyond the Gastric Bypass. Patients should make plans with their medical team on how to maintain post-bypass weight.

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