The all-time great cocktail recipe you can make from Single malt whisky

Now you can make the best cocktail with these two all-time favorite recipes. You can make these recipes at your home for your special person or friends and enjoy your evenings. You have to make these drinks with the quality variance of Single malt whisky [ซิงเกิลมอลต์วิสกี้, is the term in Thai] to add more joy to your evenings. 


Smoked Rose Cocktail  


You can get a smoky flavor from your drink if you try this cocktail. This drink is very popular for its smoky flavor. You have to make very sure that you are using only quality ingredients to make this cocktail. The drink will light your mood with its aroma. The rosemary syrup is the main ingredient in this drink therefore you have to prepare that syrup before making the cocktail. 


What do you need to make the rosemary syrup?


In a saucepan, you have to take one cup of sugar and water and boil it down. After this, you have to add three tablespoons of rosemary in it. Now, wait for 20 minutes and stir the mixture properly. You can turn off the heat once the syrup looks thick like a substance. 


What do you need to make the cocktail? 


The ingredients you need to collect for this cocktail are


  • The rosemary syrup (¼ ounce)
  • Scotch whiskey (2 ounces)
  • Green chartreuse liqueur (½ ounce)
  • Dried rosemary leaf (1 leaf)


What is the process? 


First, you need to flame the rosemary leaf on fire for a fraction of a second and then place the leaf into the glass. Now. you have to add all the other ingredients to the glass. You have to mix all the ingredients nicely to get the exact drink of your choice. 


You can make this drink at your parties to make the party memorable. Everyone will love the smoky flavor of the drink. 


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