The business that sustained even the great depression is suffering now

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The flower business is amongst those few businesses which have successfully survived every hit if the turmoil economy, it proves the saying that flowers never go out of fashion. Flower shop (ร้านขายดอกไม้ , which is the term in Thai) has always been a place where people go to select the right flowers for the right occasion and all but with the Advent of technology even the street shops of flower vendors are facing problems.

In Bangkok, one of the most prominent flower shop Bloombkk, however, to tackle this online buying sensation of their customer base have opened their own online platform where you can order flowers and flower arrangements from Bloombkk directly, and also they are providing their customers with delivery service as well in Bangkok and it’s vicinity.

Bloombkk and their innovative ideas regarding flowers and presentation

Bloombkk, as you may all know, is a big name in the flower business because if their fresh ideas and beautiful presentation of flowers. At Bloombkk they have Mastered the art of flower arrangements. The Craftsmen and artisans of Bloombkk have come up with different ideas of flower arrangements such as graduation bouquet, steering wheel, wreath, fruit baskets so that the customers can have a variety of options from which they can choose the right one according to their need and demand if the occasion itself.

Bloombkk uses fresh flowers which are plucked every morning from their own gardens so that the freshness of the flowers are not compromised. Bloombkk believes in customer satisfaction, and they have always encouraged people to but and give flowers because flowers are the best present you can give to someone thus their motto blooming hearts every day. So, if you are in Bangkok and need for flowers and bouquets then without looking at anyplace go to Bloombkk.