The dichotomy in the development of men’s and women’s fashion

It is very important in today’s society to look good. It is your looks and appearance that makes up a big chunk of your character. Now looks and appearance has an important relation with fashion and clothing. This is because it is your apparel and accessories are what make up your character to others. This is one of the major reasons why the fashion and clothing industry is been at the forefront even at this time of global economic stress. However, a dichotomy can be observed in the fashion industry. If you observe the industry you will understand that the women’s clothing line and industry are much more developed than its male counterpart.

The major advantages of t-shirts in today’s world

The less development in the field of men’s clothing line is the main reason why you get to see almost the same types of shirts on all men. The most famous one in this shirt category is the t-shirt. T-shirt is of many types and one of the popular choices is the screened t-shirt. The screened t-shirts can be worn on any casual occasion and outing. Apart from this, the t-shirts are very much comfortable as well. The t-shirts are also available for almost all age groups. This is to say that the color and fabric can be different for different t-shirts making them appreciate different ages of people. The only drawback that existed earlier is that almost all screened t-shirts are if the safe design. This problem has been solved by many online portals who let you design screened t-shirt (ออกแบบ สกรีน เสื้อ , which is the term in Thai).

Design your own screened t-shirt online in Thailand

In Thailand, one of the most prominent players of this t-shirt designing industry is the 12tees. They offer you to design your own t-shirts at a reasonable price. They also take bulk orders as well. So if you are to design and have a requirement for your own designed t-shirts at bulk then do visit the official website of 12tees for reasonable prices and exclusive offers.

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