The Different Types Of Laptops

To help you with your choice, we would like to introduce you to the five different types of laptops on the market.

The “Classic” Laptop

It is a category of the computer that we all know. Laptops appeared following desktop computers that can be found everywhere. The Dell PowerEdge R840 can be classified under this category.

Laptops are ideal for any use except for gaming. You can go on the internet, work on it by just doing office work or making video montages, but few laptops will be able to run massive video games. We will discuss later what type of computer to use for video games.

The Touchscreen Laptop 

It is a new range of notebooks with a touch screen. This type of computer can be exciting if the screen comes off or if the screen can rotate 360 ​​°. If this is not the case, it will be easier to use the computer with the keyboard, mouse, or the pad.

The Hybrid Laptop

This type of computer resembles touch. The concept is simple, and you can remove the screen from the keyboard. You will then have a touchpad.

The advantage is that even if you use it as a tablet, you stay on Windows. You will, therefore, have the applications that you use on your computer.

Laptop PC With Screen Pad / Second Screen

This type of computer is brand new. It is a computer with a second screen, as you can see in the photo, or with a touchpad. This pad is like a second smaller screen. You can, for example, use it when editing photos.

The Gaming Laptop

The PC gaming is therefore reserved for gamers like the Dell PowerVault MD1200. These computers are so powerful that you can play any game. You can also do office and multimedia (video editing, photo editing), but if it is for this use, you will find cheaper computers that will suffice.