The skeleton brush

To create a hairstyling, one of the main functions is done with combs. They vary in material, shape, length of bristles and functional orientation.  The skeleton brush  is made of plastic. Very rarely you can find a wooden version of this species. It is a straight brush with a regular geometric shape. There are special openings, thanks to which the hot air stream is evenly distributed when you dry hair with a tool.

The comb’s received its name due to the fact that its surface is represented by a relief resembling human ribs. The teeth are located at a sufficiently remote distance from each other.  They are made of artificial materials, most often of plastic. A skeleton brush is designed to comb hair during the drying process with a hairdryer. It allows heat to evenly move along the surface of the hair and, at the same time, combes the hair well. This tool is not used to create a special hairstyling. The exception is a case when a volume is required. This type of comb copes with this perfectly, replacing the round brush.

Despite the awesome look, the comb has some advantages over other tools for creating hairstyles. They are as follows: due to the location of the teeth, the comb is very convenient to wash and clean from accumulated hair, the intricate shape of the brush with a large number of holes allows the heat of the hair dryer to be evenly distributed throughout the hair, protects from possible hair burn-off in Midtown Manhattan Barbershop.

Despite the fact that the skeleton brush has a lot of positive features, some are in no hurry to buy it. And this is due to the following disadvantages: the plastic from which the brush is made is capable of releasing toxins when it is heated,  statistical stress is often created. For this reason, the hair begins to become electrified. Due to the fragility of the plastic, the teeth quickly thin out, and the body itself is not getting strong enough.

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