Things You Should Know About Translation

Translation services are rather vital to damage the language barrier. As a company that offers translation solutions, we understand how important a certified translation is.

We attempted to gather some interesting truths for you to know about the languages and translation and show how you can gain from it.

Language is considered to be about 200,000 years old with the improvement in innovation, translation has become more popular these modern-days.

The translation is stemmed from the Latin word “translationis” which indicates “delivering or transferring something.” Fitting to explain an area of job where the purpose is to move significance from one language to another.

Presently, there more than 7000 languages on the planet, yet the majority of the world’s population speaks just 23 languages. Relying on your mother tongue as well as its relation to a language team, it can be harder to discover some languages than others. As a result, it tough to recognize which language is amongst the most complex worldwide. However, if we assume the English language as the beginning point, according to the Foreign Solution Institute, or FSI, amongst the most difficult languages to discover for the English speakers are: Arabic, Oriental, Chinese, and Japanese.

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The chosen translation languages are French, German, Spanish, as well as Japanese. English, German, French, Italian as well as Russian are the most targeted translation languages. According to the most expert translators, Spanish is the most convenient language to equate.

It has been mentioned that an expert translator can translate around 250 words within an hour. A translator functioning full-time can equate to around 520,000 words annually. Translation is amongst the most important discipline as well as professions. It is approximated that there are over 330,000 translators worldwide, plus a lot more that do not do it professionally. That’s an extremely tiny percent of the world’s populace! Almost 0.0045% to be specific. A small group of talented individuals.

The English language has over 250,000 words, that’s plenty of words to know if you need to convert right into or out of English! That said the typical individual knows roughly 10 to 20,000 words.