This is how you can make a second income without any hassle:

Your day job is more than enough to put a lot of stress on to you. There is no way that you can come home afterwards and do a part time second job to make some extra cash. All that strain makes you exhausted and you just feel like hitting the bed. In such a condition what you need is something that could pay you a lot while you invest a little. Gambling is one of such ways. But it requires you to be more wary while playing. It is fun but you have to be prophetic which also causes too much strain on the brain. However, handling all that strain that comes up with gambling is not a problem but you might not be in the right headspace to make a right decision that will cost you money. Therefore, putting your precious money on buying a lottery ticket makes more sense than gambling. A Lucky lottery number [เลขเด็ด, which is the term in Thai] will get you a huge chunk of cash.

This is how you avoid getting bankrupt:

You must have heard people saying that gambling and buying lottery will definitely lead to self destruction followed by bankruptcy. Well, this is not entirely true. It majorly depends on what your mindset is. Most people when win a lottery, just buy a lot of obsolete luxurious things that mean nothing. This is where they start to act like a fool. The best way to put that money to use is to invest it so it could yield more money to you.

Play it right so you can be ahead of everyone:

Winning is done by playing a game right. Of course, Stock lottery results [ผล หวย หุ้น, which is the term in Thai] make everyone nervous. You should never take your failures personal but only learn with them. This will help you making the right choice next time which will definitely help you hit the jackpot.