This is why using a cream at night is important for your skin:

The most essential thing for a woman is to preserve her beauty. It requires her to follow a good dietary plan, along with a skincare routine. However, most girls do not know the benefits of using a cream at night. The skin of your face fights bacterial growth due to pollution all day. Even at night, when you sleep, your skin commences to repair itself. This process of rejuvenation can be elevated by providing your skin with the essential elements it needs. This is where the need of a Night Cream [ครีมกลางคืน, which is the term in Thai] arises. The best way to take of your skin is to use the cream accordingly the exact needs of your skin.

Using the products whenever your skin demands:

Throughout the day, your skin has to go through several struggles. Bacterial growth is one of them. Your day cream ensures that you do get protection from pollution out there. Along with it, a day cream makes sure that your skin remains hydrated and show no signs of ageing. All the damage your tough day has brought to your skin gets repaired at night. This is why night cream is essential to promote the growth of new tissues and cells. It works best only at night as the skin allows the cream to penetrate deeper as it is relaxed. 

Signs when one should consider buying night cream:

If your skin is really dry, you definitely need a cream for night. Mostly teenagers do not require it as their skin is strong enough to fight the challenge. Such creams must be chosen considering the type of skin you have. If you are someone who gets frequent breakouts, then consider buying a purifying cream. For every skin type, there is cream available in the market.