Tips to Book Connecting Flight for Your Next Trip Overseas

When you are travelling overseas, you want a hassle-free traveling experience, right? So, in this write-up we discuss tips on how to book connecting flights and get a great offer.

While travelling abroad, most people prefer booking a direct flight from their city to the destination and see connecting flights as an inconvenience. But, some people see it as an excellent opportunity to save money, relax in between a long flight and maybe even explore a new city before reaching your destination. So, to help you make a more informed decision about booking a connecting flight on your next trip, we list down its pros and cons.

Traditionally speaking, a connecting flight is any flight that requires you to switch between planes or airlines at an intermediate stop before arriving at the final destination. A study suggests that nearly 37% of all air travellers worldwide are willing to take a connecting flight because they say it as a great way to save some valuable money on the air fare. So, if you are looking to save a few bucks on your next trip, you can look for connecting flights on the flight booking websites.

There are two types of connecting flights. There are those that are included as a single route on your flight ticket and scheduled by the airlines or the travel agent. And, there is a different type of connecting flight where you plan yourself and book the ticket separately. This is known as self-connecting flights.

A self-connecting flight is unrelated to the flight ticket you have purchased. If you are thinking of taking a self-connecting flight on your next trip, great! Because you not only think it is a great opportunity to have a new experience. A research report suggests that nearly 92% of the travellers are willing to take self-connecting flights under specific circumstances.

While the primary reason why people book a connecting flight is to save money. And, if you can save a couple of thousands by taking a small halt in between your journey and reach your destination from another airport – then why not? A great way to maximise the savings is to book a low-cost airline or a local airline that flies from the stop-over city to your destination. You can do a bit of research online to find out about the budget airlines and you would get an amazing deal.

But, remember, when you fly in an airline, you may not get an in-flight meal. Also, some of the low-cost airlines don’t have checked luggage included in the ticket cost and you may have to pay extra charges to check-in your bag. So, it is advisable that you double check the terms and conditions of the specific flight and know about the restriction to avoid any last-minute surprise.

If you check-in your bag on a self-connecting flight, you may have to claim it from the baggage counter near the exit point at the airport and then go through the security process again before you board the next flight. This can be a time-consuming process and so make sure that you have enough time between the two flights.

Another important thing to remember while booking a connecting flight is that you may want to extend your stopover at the city where you must catch a connecting flight and explore the city. In such a case, you may be able to see two places for the price of one and save some money. But, remember, you must comply with the legal formalities before you can exit the airport and explore the city.