Top 2 japan tour destinations That Should be On Your Bucket List

If you are one of the first-time visitors to Japan, you will be thrilled with the fascinating variations in the culture, landscape, and history of the various places in the country. You have so many places to visit on the bucket list that it is hardly possible to cover all the destinations in one shot. So it is better to choose a few must-visit places according to your preferences of vacation. You will find both the peaceful places as well as the highly technologically advanced cities in the archipelago that makes Japan an attractive place with diversities.

Kyoto- the historical jewel

Kyoto is one of the few standing cities in Japan that hardly suffered from the impact of World War II. Every year, almost 10 million tourists visit the city. The chief attraction of Kyoto as the japan tour destinations is the architectural designs and the old streets, which remain the same as it was when the imperial family began residing there almost thousand years ago. The beautiful art galleries and museums showcase some of the finest paintings and sculptors, some o which derive inspiration from Buddhism. The Golden Pavillion or Kinkaku-Ji is a 14th-century structure that is famous for the external covering of gold leaf sculptors.

Itsukushima Island

Take a short ferry ride from Hiroshima and escape to Miyajima, the Shrine island of Japan. It covers 30 square kilometers area in Hiroshima Bay and is the home to the Itsukushima Shrine. It is the Shino Temple that stands as the dedication to the wind god Susanoo’s daughters. The construction of the shrine building dates back to the eighth century, which displays a stunning form during the high tide. The Great Floating gate or O-Torii appears to be floating on water. Explore the fantastic island and watch the history unfold in front of the eyes.