Top Directors of Telugu Cinema – K. RaghavendraRao

Do you watch the latest Telugu movies online? if so, you are enjoying your life at home by watching films. Nowadays, the thrill of watching our favorite Telugu movies online is not a tough task since there are many online platforms available for us. Moreover, the latest films are screened by many film agencies online, and the cost of watching is too low. When we compare watching films on the silver screen, the cost incurred on watching online is very cheap and flexible. Yes, the quality of the films and the freedom of watching are major highlights for the film viewers. One of its kind qualities and topnotch online watching culture is now spreading to the entire world. Simply if you have an internet connection, then you are the lucky person.

Many films of great directors like RaghavendraRao are being watched online. His contribution to the Telugu industry is amazing and exemplary. He has directed many films that are blockbuster at the time of release. An enormous number of Telugu films are based on the action storyline, and some are romantic. Both these genres are liked by the viewers of the Telugu audience. The cost of viewing film directly on the silver screen is more when compared to online media. Moreover, you have a wonderful chance of enjoying a film with your family members at a low cost. The producers are doing huge work for viewing Telugu films online to cater to the needs of the Telugu audience very well.

The superhit films of other languages are being dubbed in Telugu, and hence the producers are earning a lucrative sum of money. Hence, online media is favoring both audiences and as well as filmmakers. These films have a massive audience every time it is telecast. You can enjoy a home life with these new films directed by RaghavendraRao.

Kondaveeti Raja is a mega-hit Telugu film released in the year 1986. The leading actors of the film are Chiranjevee, Radha, and Vijayashanthi. The store of the film is that the hero visits a village for knowing about a treasure in a fort. The villain of the film has a close eye on the treasure at the fort. The tussle between Hero and Villain is the main story laced with love and romance. The songs are awesome, and hair is rising. The overall film ratings are very high, and the film gained the audience more in numbers. The film was directed by RaghavendraRao and the music was scored by Chakravathi.

GharanaMogudu is a famous Telugu film released in the year 1992. The film was directed by RaghavendraRao, and the music of the film was scored by Keeravani. The songs were mesmerizing to date, and there was a permanent audience for the film. The leading actors of the film are Chiranjeevi and Nagma. The story of the film was written by p. Vasu and produced by Devi Vara Prasad. The story is based on Chiranjeevi who returns to Hyderabad due to his mothers’ sick condition. The romance, stunt scenes, and dance movements are topnotch to match the needs of the audience.

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