Top Five Rugby Tour Locations in 2021

Anyone that’s been on a rugby tour knows they are a real treat. Most rugby teams will spend the entire season looking forward to the tour. They are the highlight of the year no matter if they are just a weekend trip or a week long multi-location outing.

If you haven’t yet booked your tour, here are five of best tour ideas to get you warmed up.

  1. France

For British rugby clubs, this is one of the most convenient trips abroad as there are flight and coach and ferry choices available. There are a variety of great rugby locations to choose from, Toulouse, Nice, Lille and Paris, are probably the most popular destinations. The French love rugby. It is widely played across all age groups, and we are sure you’ll be able to find plenty of suitable fixtures for your team to play against.

  1. Ireland

Ireland continues to be a hugely popular rugby tours destination. Thanks to its high quality of rugby and local hospitality. Tours can be based in the vibrant cities of Dublin or Cork, where you traditionally receive a warm welcome from your host teams. It is a great place for a Junior rugby tour because they can look forward to using the excellent facilities at Gormanston Park or competing in the rugby festival of Terenure.

  1. Belgium

The country may not be the first to spring to mind, when thinking about rugby tours. However, its proximity to rugby loving nations and excellence in food and drink, ensures it gets plenty of tours. Antwerp and Brussels are two popular locations for tours as they both offer great night life and fun off-field activities such as golf or brewery tours.

  1. Spain

Famous for its stunning Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches, Spain has become an excellent location for a tour. Lloret de Mar is a recommended town to base your trip around. It is a favourite for rugby players as it has beaches, modern bars and restaurants that have been blended into the Catalonian-style building and narrow streets.

  1. Holland

This one is a fan-favourite because of its easy-to-get-to location, and the hospitably received from the Dutch teams. Tours are usually based in Amsterdam, a city notorious for its nightlife. There are countless daytime activities for you to enjoy, including museums and brewery tours. Your rugby tour provider can advise you on places, tours and excursions, for your group to visit.

These are the best five locations to have your rugby tour in 2021. Remember, your trip can be arranged to suit senior or junior teams, and timed so that you can complete in your favourite rugby festivals or tournaments.