Travel Crib Shopping Guide – 6 Tips To Get The Best Portable Crib

When looking for a travel crib, there’s a couple of design factors that should be checked out to make sure you have committed to quality products. Searching over several critical factors can eliminate unhealthy travel crib purchases in the better models, what separates the greater travel cribs in the rest?

Brand Matters…Somewhat

There are specific brands which have taken position within the baby product market that may generally be reliable, and a few have to be re-examined altogether. Without slinging dirt, there’s a particular brand which was well-established until being purchased by another conglomerate (this occurs constantly obviously). The company equity just isn’t what it was once.

How will you determine if brand equity is lost inside a travel crib? In short: testimonials. Even though it may appear counter-productive, searching for unhealthy news first is a terrific way to get an understanding of a loss of revenue in quality in a product – the natural danger to become a loyalist.

Additionally to re-thinking the vista of the “reliable brand” (unless of course it’s a proven, consistent trust), the other factors should parents look into their travel cribs?


Many travel cribs have past recalls for safety reasons, and also to be fair, most manufacturers make necessary corrections. Having a travel bed for babies, however, it is necessary to review a brandname to be certain no current problems and complaints exist regarding stability from the crib.

Does it collapse once setup? Does it collapse using the baby inside it? Can the kid push it over by pressing on the wall (as toddlers will probably do)?

Travel cribs have to be light, but sturdy safe for babies. Only consistent reviews and a little bit of research can uncover these records.

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