Two things you need to learn to master digital marketing

There could be a lot of reasons why you want to master digital marketing. You could either be a blogger, or an ecommerce store owner, or you could be a digital marketing intern, if you are keen to learn digital marketing. A blogger must learn digital marketing to generate traffic for his blog. An ecommerce store owner must learn digital marketing to increase sales. A digital marketing intern must master digital marketing if one wants to succeed in one’s career.

Two elements you must learn to master digital marketing

There are lots of digital marketing methods used by marketers all around the world. But two methods are most common and bring the best results:

  1. SEO – What is SEO[SEO คืออะไร, which is the term in Thai]? SEO is search engine optimization. SEO means try to optimize your blog and create backlinks to rank it higher in search engine rankings.
  2. SMM – Social media marketing is a very broad topic. Every day millions of people use different social media platforms. You try to post ads on these social media platforms to get leads.

How to SEO

SEO is consistent process. You have to keep working to increase your rankings on Google. Even if you reach the first page, you will have to work hard to maintain that ranking. You need to use the right keywords and create backlinks to rank yourself higher. You must also post great content that will engage site visitors.

How to SMM

SMM can be done on different social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the best pick for any digital marketer. The reason is that they have the maximum users on internet. TikTok is also getting famous these days. If you really want to master SMM, you must master marketing on these social platforms. You must also learn to create ads that will convert better.

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