Using Design Thinking For Content Creation

The reality is that this innovation process to improve products and services is equally valid for content creation. Various agencies like the seo thailand implement design thinking methods in creating contents.

Because within content creation, there is always an objective: to inform, capture and convertor, what is the same, sell. What do you think if we establish a process similar to design thinking that is focused on the content you create in your blog? Let’s say you have a website where you sell certain products and an associated blog where you don’t know very well how to write. Also, you have a podcast, a newsletter, a YouTube channel.

In short, you have different ways of communicating with your potential client, and you need to focus everything effectively.

Know Your Target Audience

This is the basis so that your content is not empty or intended for someone who does not want to read it or by any means.

As if it were the SIMS video game, you need to create a person who meets the requirements, both physical and psychic of your ideal buyer.

I suggest you give it a name so that it is easier for you to materialize it mentally.

Try to find at what point in your day to day that Buyer Person needs what you sell.

And if you don’t need it, how do you think it could improve your life?

What problems are you going to solve?

Create A Content Calendar

What do I write about? What else can I tell you about my product or service?

Surely it happened to you more than once in front of the keyboard because you don’t know what to talk about; However, you know that you should do it because you have read in a hundred sites that content creation brings you closer to selling.

Well, as in design thinking, the phase of devising solutions is the most crucial, in the creation of content, it is the elaboration of the editorial calendar.

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