Waterproofing project for your roof in steps

Roofs are an essential part of the house. Every house owner should pay attention towards the maintenance of their roof. Roofs suffer extreme temperatures and harsh climates. Thus, roof leakage is a common problem faced by many people. To fix this issue, you can go with the Spec 7 Groupwhere professionals will provide you waterproofing solutions. Going for the waterproof roof will make your roof more durable. With this method, you don’t have to worry in the rainy season.

How waterproofing projects are done?

  • Cleaning– before starting any waterproofing project the cleaning process is necessary. In this process, professionals clean your roof using advanced cleaning tools. If your roof is having dirt patches and stains, you can go for hydro jet cleaning. Do not exceed the pressure as it may remove the original color of the roof. Professionals usually go for mild detergents for normal washes.
  • Fix damage– after the cleaning process,various damages are observed and fixed. They start from edges of the roof to see any cracks and holes. These cracks and holes can damage the roof gradually and can be a big cause of leakage. These are filled by the roof plasters and other fixing materials. After fixing all the damages and giving your roof a smooth surface, they wait to completely dry the roof surface.
  • Apply liquid membrane– when the roof is completely dried they proceed further to the main step of waterproofing. They go for the liquid membrane on the surface and spread it carefully. They make sure that every part and corner of the roof is covered with this membrane. This will protect your roofing from extreme temperatures. You can also go for the pre made waterproofing membrane to make this task much faster. Pre made layers require much more concentration and professional skills in this field.

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