What are 14-day candles used for?

What's the Key Ingredient in KFC's New Gravy-Scented Candle?There are various beliefs, rituals, and practices that are associated with 14 days candle. Although it does not belong to any specific religion, it is practiced in many denominations of Christianity and other associated religions.

Apart from the religious associations there are also said to be healing properties that are associated with the use of the same. Look at what they symbolize, advantages, and what to look for while purchasing them.

What do they symbolize?

In Christianity, the first candle is supposed to symbolize expectation. Second one is hope, joy being the third, and the fourth symbolizing purity. As it goes on, people light up the last of the 14 candles on Christmas eve symbolizing the birth of Jesus.

However, apart from the association with Christianity there are also said to be other beliefs that revolve around lighting up of the 14 candles. Usually, they are lit when you pray, mourn, or fast for 14 days for a special cause too.


These candles are also said to be used in specific aromatherapies across the world. They are said to last for 14 days with different advantages. Commonly they are said to help a person relax, energize body and brain, feel calmer, and feel rejuvenated.

What to look for?

There are many places that sell these 14 candles. They can be found both locally as well as on the internet for you to purchase from. However, it might be a good idea to find out certain things before you make the actual purchase.

  • Longevity of the candle or burning time
  • If it can be used for the purpose you are buying them for
  • If they do or not have harmful properties or chemicals

Ideally, purchasing these from an authentic website can be a good option as you have more chances to verify its authenticity. Moreover, you are also likely to get them at good prices when compared to your local store.