What are the four types of bonuses predominantly used by online casinos?

Although you could get different kinds of bonuses and rewards from slot websites, it is mandatory for the casinos to offer these four bonuses.

Welcome bonus

As the name suggests, it is a reward given to the players who are entering the casino for the first time. For instance, let us assume that you have hundred dollars of savings and you wish to put it on gambling. So, you would search for online casinos to make your deposit of hundred dollars. However, you would look at various factors before selecting one casino. In recent times, the size of the welcome bonus has also become a thing to consider when choosing an online casino. Let us assume that you have got to a casino that offers a cent percent of your initial deposit as the welcome bonus. In this case, you will get additional money of hundred dollars. So, you will have two-hundred dollars in your account to begin your casino career. It is the basic concept of welcome bonuses and every casino will have its own way of paying the welcome bonus. Some will offer fifty percent of the deposit, while some will give a cent percent of it. You could also find casinos offering a set value of money as the bonus irrespective of the deposit size.

Referral bonus

A referral is a process of an existing player in the casino getting someone to join the casino with his deposit amount. Some casinos out there will offer the referee an attractive bonus to motivate such action as it will increase the number of players for the casino itself. Since the casino is offering attractive bonuses, the existing players will also be keen to get someone who would be interested in joining the casino. So, the concept has been adopted by thousands of online casinos out there. However, you should keep in mind that your referred person should complete his deposit with the casino for you to get your bonus amount. Else, you will not get it. If the player is joining with a no-deposit bonus, you will not get anything as a reward. However, the possibility for such a no-deposit bonus is less in the casino world.

Cashback bonus

Let us assume that you are facing serious losses in your casino. If the casino offers a cash-back bonus, you would get a part of the lost money back. The casinos are offering such cashbacks for the retention of the players who are in continuous losses. As a string of losses could depress the player and could demotivate him to discontinue his gambling venture, casinos are providing cashbacks for these players.

No deposit bonuses

You could find this bonus in some casinos if you have the luck. These offers would allow players joining a casino for the first time to try out one or two casino games without making any deposits. So, if you are fearing losing money in gambling, you can try your luck with these no-deposit bonuses.