What are the various casino bonuses to beware of?

Although online casinos are popular than ever, the competition between the companies in customer acquisition is not cooling down. In this article, let us discuss some types of bonuses offered by casinos like Sbobet mobile to attract players. 

Welcome bonus

Whenever you join an online casino or a betting website, you would get a bonus to motivate you to continue with the website. It is known as the welcome bonus and no existing player could have this reward. Either the company will offer you half of your initial deposit as the welcome bonus or it would give you the entire amount as a bonus. If the welcome bonus is 50% of your deposit, you can enjoy having an additional $50 when you have deposited $100 with the site. Now, you will get to play with $150 that could increase the chances of winning more than you could have done with your initial deposit. This offer is quite attractive for a lot of people and hence, this is becoming one of the primary reasons for the increased customer acquisition of online casinos and betting sites. 

Referral bonus

All types of online betting sites and casino websites offer referral bonuses for the available or existing players. The process would be simple and both the company and the players would get benefited. Let us assume that you are being a member of an online casino and it offers $100 for each referral. All you have to do is to find anyone who would be interested in joining a betting website and convince him to join the same website as yours. If he agrees to your proposal and makes his initial deposit with the website, your account will get credited with $100 as mentioned. If you can manage to bring three new people to the website, you can earn $300 at once. There is no limit to this. Since it will help casinos and betting websites to increase their user base without much effort, almost all casinos would offer this. 

High deposit bonus

There would be several people depositing different sizes of amount with the casino and betting websites. Either you can deposit $10 or you can go with $1000 at once as you wish. If you are the second person with a $1000 deposit, you will not be considered as an ordinary customer for the company. If you continue to deposit such amounts, the company will be in the profit zone. Hence, they would offer you a high deposit bonus. So, they think you will continue depositing more with the website. 

No deposit bonuses

Almost all online betting sites would ask the customers or the players to make an initial deposit before they are allowed to play a single game. Sometimes, there would be deposit size requirements to meet. If these requirements are higher, some people could not deposit and play. Hence, you should consider a website that offers no deposit bonus. In this case, you need not deposit anything before playing a game. 

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