What can different cocktail shakers do?

Everyone loves a good cocktail. There are different blends and mixes that make a cocktail perfect for any occasion. But what if its house party, the bar can’t be brought home. Can it? 

Yes, home bars are very innovative and fancy idea for modern housing. There are lot of home bar accessories that can give the perfect finish to a modern rooftop bar. One of the most used accessory to make any cocktail is the cocktail shaker. 

There are 4 types of cocktail shakers in a bartender kit. They are required for vigorous shaking to make the perfect blend and balance the flavor of every ingredient with alcohol. The four types of shakers are Boston, Tin on Tin, Cobbler and Parisian. 

The cobbler shaker and Boston shaker profoundly common. But let’s see them one by one-

  1. Cobbler shaker- It is simple and every beginner bartender’s first choice. It is a three piece kit with tin, tightly fit cap and a cap with strainer. It is the best recommend for a bar kit at home. It is easy to pull apart and fix it together. The strainer in the shaker will simplify the job. The structure has the advantage of saving place on shelf. 

The problem with the cobbler shaker is that it can tend to spill, if not sealed well. 

  1. Boston shaker- It is known to earn the bartender’s their professional tag. There are two components- the first large metal tin and the other slightly smaller but no strainer. Together they create perfect tin for mixing cocktails. It helps to see the content of what’s being poured while mixing. With a bit of practice, it is easy to use and help make anyone a sensible bartender. 

Easy to clean but it can get strenuous to separate after a long use. Since the Boston shaker gives the professional tag, it needs some practice to seal it tight like a professional.

  1. Tin on Tin- It is similar to Boston shaker, but is known to have better thermal conductivity. With light weight, it forms an easy seal to avoid any spillage. The structure too is similar to Boston, two tins one small and another larger in size.
  2. Parisian shaker- It shares the name of French shaker. It is hard to use and perfect. It does bring a retro touch to the bar. It is also a two-structured shaker but without the strainer. Any pro-bartender will be able to seal the drink shut. It is mainly known for its good aesthetics. 

These bar tools can add style, finish and definitely comfort to modern housing. The bar equipment can be easily be bought online. But it is suggested to find sites the top-rated sites and read the reviews. No one these tools better than a bartender, if you find a kit from a site owned by bartenders; snatch it. 

Shakers are among the line of other compact used tools and equipment used in the learning the complex art of bartending. So, if you have the knack, get your bartender kit today

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