What gamblers say when a slot strategy goes wrong

When playing slot machine games at Pgslot you will need to know the common myths that majority of the gamblers do associate with slot machines whenever a strategy goes wrong. To make it easier for you, you will able to know how to verify or be in a position to debunk the claims credibility

Myth one

At a brick and mortar casino, the loose slots are placed next to the door and the areas with heavy traffic to attract a lot of customers. It is information that is inaccurate. There are various third party studies that have been conducted about the slot machine placement and there happens to be no evidence found suggesting that casino do such a thing. People already are coming into the casino for gambling purposes and doing such a trick might be a waste of time.

Myth two

You will probably win on a slot machine via having to pull the lever instead of spin button pressing. It is also information which is inaccurate. Majority of the slot machine don’t have the lever and with the few that have, they will not give you an advantage to you if you choose it over the one who uses a spin button. All the combinations that are there for inning are generated by the RNG internally and thus, it does not quite matter the method that you settle on.

Myth three

The tightness or looseness of a slot machine tend to vary depending on the time of the day and which day of the week that it is. It is not true at all. To ensure that they have repeat business, casinos have to ensure that they strike a balance between having to make money and ensuring that a certain amount is paid out to players. If they were to tighten up their slots during those times when they are extremely busy, they will end up noticing a significant drop in their business. Additionally, to adjust the machine on the floor of the casino will be a great pain.

Myth four

In a brick and mortar casino, employees do know the loose slots. It is a myth that is false. The waitress working in a casino doesn’t even have a clue of the percentage of the payout of the slots. There are some customers who go an extra mile to offer employees a cut of their win if they are able to lead them to the loose machines in the casino. Apart from not having the answers which you might be out looking for, there are those who might play along with you hoping that you will win and give them part of your profit.

Myth five

When you use a player card, it ends up reducing y our payout potential of the slot. You should not allow this myth to make you to ski the slots club. The purpose of the player card is to ensure that your spending is kept truck of so that you will be awarded complimentary items such as show tickets and meals.