What is the Average Percentage to Invest in Cupboards?

The new cupboards while remodelling your kitchen require a significant percentage of your budget which may come around 30% to 40% of your total cost. On the other hand, if you wish to reduce your cupboard price in order to invest more money on the appliances or countertops or wall treatment or flooring, you must then compare between the custom-made cabinets and factory-made cupboards and then determine the one that suits your budget. However, this determination is not always based on the availability of budget because both the custom-made as well as the factory-made cupboards come in ready-to-assemble or RTA conditions, and in some cases, you can also get preassembled factory-made cabinets. Similarly, both custom-made as well as factory-made cupboards are affordable and almost serve the same purpose efficiently.

While considering the lower-end, think of investing around $ 2000 to $5000 for a basic 10 by 10 feet kitchen cupboard which will come in RTA or ready-to-assemble condition. In addition to this, a preassembled factory-made cupboard system of the same measurement can be also bought online and delivered at your doorstep or at the nearest shipping and receiving centre.

However, the preassembled cupboards add to the cost significantly in two basic ways such as the cabinet assembling cost of the company and transportation cost. When it comes to the cost of RTA and preassembled cupboard, another factor comes which ultimately enhances the price of the cupboard. The RTA cupboards require less space in the transportation in comparison to the preassembled factory-made cupboards. Eventually, transportation cost of the preassembled factory-made cupboards increases than the RTA cupboards.

Similarly, another fact about the cost of the cupboards will surprise you. In fact, the actual cost of the cupboards from many manufacturers are amazingly low but there are many factors that contribute to the enhancement of the cost of cupboards of both RTA as well as preassembled factory-made cupboards. However, the above mention price is for a standard cupboard for a ten by ten kitchen.

There are other additional costs besides the price of the cupboards you must be prepared to bear, and they are the installation costs which will come around 50% 75% of the total price of the cupboards. However, in order to prevent the high expenditure of installation, you can follow other methods such as hiring the local and small cabinet firms or contractors who can perform a decent installation of your cupboards for a far less price.